Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim Walker in British Vogue

I bought April's British Vogue the other day and I did it for the spreads (and I'm not talking jam and peanut butter) one in particular appealed to my kooky sensibilities, photographer Tim Walker did an awesome job.

 What's up with that umbrella, how is it even staying up there, and why? (Those are the big questions).

 I like the dollishness of this one, though it has nothing on the next one.

 Barbie gone wrong. It's amazing how unreal and, yes, all made out of plastic she looks behind that bubble.

  Patron Goddess of Clowns. Love it. This one was actually a two pager but my scanner wasn't big enough. The other page had a big parrot on it, which you can see in another shot further down.

 This ones prettier than the others with the ruffly top and pink smoke, that combined with the surrealist setting is what makes it for me.

 Another doll.

And here's that parrot, what a beauty.

This isn't the entire spread but it's my faves, hope you like them too.

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