Friday, May 20, 2011

Picture of the Week Plus a Little Something Extra

By Eugenio Recuenco.
Mostly because I haven't done a fashion pic in a while but also because it's so fabulously kooky. A windup toy vampire, how can you go wrong?

And here are some pages from my imitation sketchbook.

 My Catherine Campbell page.

 My Brett Manning page.

 My Warwick Goble page.
 (don't know if I want to go over the whole page in pen just yet.)

and finally my John Bauer page.

I have really enjoyed this exercise so far and plan on doing a lot more. Some of you may have noticed the pictures here differ from those I posted earlier, the short reason is 'I changed my mind' the slightly longer reason is 'I printed out lots of pics and have just been picking them as my mood takes me, often after I've glued them in I find I have no idea what to do with it and move on.'
Anyway, hopefully I'll have more to share with you at the end of next week.

To keep up to date with the words and pictures I'm sharing now head on over to my new website,  I'm talking readingwriting and all kinds of daydreamy things.

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