Monday, April 25, 2011

The Three Graces

The Three Graces can be found in Greek (Charites) and Roman (Gratiae) mythology. They're really just a version of the triple goddess (maiden, mother and crone) though you'll find in the pictures below all three are pretty young and beautiful. From youngest to oldest they are named: Aglaea ("Splendor"), Euphrosyne ("Mirth"), and Thalia ("Good Cheer")

 Michael Parkes, 2004.

 Peter Paul Rubens, 1636-40.

 George Frederick Watts.

 Gennady Privedentsev.

 Emile Vernon.
Hans Baldung.

Koloman Moser.

Raphael, 1504-5.

Lucas Cranach the elder.

Brett Manning, 2009. 
I don’t actually know if this in any way connected to the three graces, but there’re three of them and I like it so I’m going to go with it. (

I'm still in Byron, go home in two days but I don't want leave, I love it here even if I am exhausted from walking everywhere and pretty much being on my feet and doing stuff from 7/8 to midnight or later each day.
Yesterday my cousin and I went shopping and I found a t-shirt with a picture on it by the talented Brisbane artist Courtney Brims at Billabong (and it was half price!)

Today My cousin got an awesome wreath for her hair
 and I was sooo jealous I made my own.
Isn't it awesome (it's a few hours old now so it might look a bit limp but in its prime it was the best!!).


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