Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dante's Inferno

So I'm back from Byron. It's sad I know.
Sitting at my old computer and my old desk, comfortable though it may be, is a little depressing after the awesome week I had at glorious Byron Bay.
Whilst away (and a bit before) I was reading Jodi Picoult's Tenth Circle, a novel rich intertextuality with the epic poem Dante's Divine Comedy, in particular the first book Dante's Inferno.
Naturally I went to my parents bookshelf and found said inferno and brought it with me to Byron as well as the Picoult.
I've finished neither but am a good way in to both. Once finished I plan to write a little essay about them which I will submit in application for a writing gig so wish me luck. For now however I give you Dante’s journey through the Inferno (or part of it) as illustrated by Gustave Doré;

 Dante in the Dusky Woods (Canto 1)

Charon ferrying Dante and Virgil across the river Acheron (similar to the river Styx).

The Unfortunate Love of Paolo and Francesca (Canto 5)

The Violent Being Tortured by a Rain of Fire (Canto 14)

Dante's Descent into the Abyss on Greyon's Back (Canto 17)

Lucifer in the Ninth Level of Hell (Canto 34)

And now a parting shot of my beloved Byron.

The lighthouse and most eastern point of Australia. We never actually go out of the car (the photo's taken through the window) because we'd brought the dog and it turned out to be a national park (no doggies allowed). It's pretty pathetic I know and we never got a chance to go back, but hey I had a great time anyway.

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