Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photos From My Phone

I've always wanted to take photo's of the random things I see and like and share them with you. Unfortunately I can be a very forgetful and, some might say, lazy person. I rarely take the photos in the first place and almost never get them off my phone and onto my computer ready to upload.

Today that changes. I give a select group of photo's from my phone!

University of Queensland

Little Scooby, he was with us for almost 18 years and I miss him every day

I think this is UQ as well

Waiting for a bus... any bus

Molly, my brothers beautiful dog

A train station

Chandler shopping centre, Melbourne

Also UQ

Beautiful Wynnum

I saw this when I was walking home from Thea & Sami. If I swung my phone to the left you'd see a lot of grungy shop backs and some murky puddles from the recent rain fall.

My view of the Cultural Centre when walking across the bridge back to the Young Designers Market.
And those are the photo's from my phone. Hope you enjoyed.

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