Monday, July 2, 2012

Collections: Nail Polish

After high school, some five years ago, I became addicted to nail polish. It probably had something to do with being released from my private school prison and now being free to paint my nails all the colours of the rainbow without a single repercussion. Needless to say I built up quite the collection which I will now share with you.

The complete collection

My Rimmel collection

Half my Sportsgirl collection

The other half of my Sportsgirl collection




Peaches, corals, and pinks

My personal recommendation would Rimmel. It's affordable, lasts well and often only takes one coat.

I don't wear as much nail polish now as I used to, all the jewellery making just tears it right off, but occasionally I still whip out the colour box and paint myself happy.

Coming up next in the collection series... Earrings!

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