Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Snow White and the...

Mirror Mirror Dir. Tarsem Singh, 2012
Snow White and the Huntsmen Dir.Rupert Snaders, 2012

Snow White is one of those fairy tales you're going to see time and again adapted for the big screen, but twice in a few months? Luckily Mirror Mirror and  Snow White and the Huntsmen  are two completely different films.
I enjoyed them both at the time, but shortly after leaving the cinema realised they were sadly lacking (Huntsman more so than Mirror). I felt like  Huntsman was trying to be too many things to too many people, and while striving to tick off all of those things that make a blockbuster, lost something in the narrative and character development.
Mirror on the other hand had a well rounded and thought out story, clearly aware of what it wanted to be. However there were elements that were not as successfully executed. One of the most intriguing innovations and perhaps the focus of the film given it's title, the mirror, was never fully explained or explored. Interlinked with this is the motivation of the Queen and the nature of magic which also needed a little work.

Now putting my feelings and reviews of the films aside let's get to them pretty pictures.

By Arthur Rackham, 1909

Disney's Snow White, 1937
 Snow White was Disney's first feature length animated film. This where it all started.

By Maxfield Parrish, 1912

By Courtney Brims

Rachel Weiss as Snow White in a Disney ad campaign

By Heinrich Leutemann or Carl Offterdinger at the end of the 19th Century

By Heinrich Leutemann or Carl Offterdinger at the end of the 19th Century

Poison Apple by Elisa Mazzone

By Anne Anderson

By Eugenio Recuenco

By Henry Meynell Rheam

Original Theatrical Poster
 Sorry it's so teeny, I just loved it so much I had to include it.

By Chris Craymer

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