Monday, October 31, 2011

Artistic Blues

I'm feeling bit mopey at the moment which is silly because things are going really well. I'm feeling really pumped about my jewellery and accessories biz, and my writing even seems to be on track. But  I haven't been drawing much and when I think about that it makes me sad.

I would really like to pick up on all the artistic practise I'd been doing at the beginning of the year and try and figure out a way to incorporate it into Hearsay. I'd also really like to do some artwork that is somehow related to the short stories I'm working on at the moment; think islands, teenage girls, gods, cults, and ritual sacrifice.

The Night Watcher by Cory Godbey

Like a Restless Wind by Stella Im Hultberg

By Rachel Suggs

And finally one of the inspirations for my short story

Andromeda by Odilon Redon

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