Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dynamic eh?

So, first of, what do we all think of bloggers new dynamic modes? Do you like my default choice of snapshots or do you think mosaic or flip card would have worked better?
Until gadgets are supported I'm planning on moving my links and blog lists to their own pages. Blogger might beat me to the punch, however, since I don't intend to do it until after NanoWrimo,which is going well by the way, thanks for asking.

I'm really only squeezing this post in because I allowed myself to be distracted by the pretty new dynamic modes although I am sad you can't see all my super fancy links etc. anymore :( but you haven't come here to read me writing about blogging, you've come to look at some pretty pictures so away we go...

As I have a severe case of Wrimo brain (similar to baby brain) today's pictures will just be an arbitrary collection of things I find pretty (I'll try to be a little relevant to the theme of the blog).

Moon by Sandra Diekmann

By JS Rossbach

Come Play With Me by Audrey Kawasaki, 2007

Into The Wide Wide World by John Bauer

Which Mask by Norman Lindsay
I should have save this and the Audrey Kawasaki for a masquerade post. Oh well I'm sure there's plenty of others out there.

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