Thursday, October 20, 2011


Years ago my parents bought me an anniversary edition of the best selling video game, Myst, along with it's sequel, Riven, third installment, Exile, and the the latest in the franchise, Uru, (yes I know I'm missing 4 and 5).

Only recently have I actually played them. I have finished Myst and Riven and am part way through Exile (I will save Uru for after I've bought 4 (Revelation) and 5 (End of Ages).

One of the most impressive thing about Myst and it's sequels is it's cutting edge, photorealistic (for the time) graphics, some of which I will share with you now (thanks to for most of these images).

Myst - 1993

Pretty impressive for 1993 don't you think.

Riven - 1997

Exile - 2001

Exile was developed and published by by different companies from the first to games.

Revelation - 2004

These screenshots make me desperate to get up to this game.

End of Ages - 2005

While the graphics style of End of Ages differs from the previous three games I am still keen to play it as it is the conclusion to the story of the first three.

Uru - 2003

These puzzle solving adventure games are challenging and fun to play with engaging stories that I really enjoyed (and am still enjoying) to unravel.

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