Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm back, I got in late last night and slept in late this morning. Sydney was great, I loved everything about it (minus the slightly higher price of some things). The food was to dies for, the shopping inexhaustible and the atmosphere was electric.

 View from Sydney Tower of Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral near where I was staying.

While there I learnt of three awesome artists, two are Sydney based and the third I found in a book In one of the many bookstores managing to stay alive in Sydney (this one was on Oxford street).

Elizabeth I by Alexia Sinclair.
I discover Sinclair in a Sydney Style pamphlet that was at the check on counter of my hotel.

Atma by Walton Ford.
This is the guy I found in the bookshop. They had some large format books on pedestals for patrons to look at, and I spent most of my time in that store flicking through this one. If it wasn't so likely to kick over my bag weight limit on the way home (or my bank account for that matter) I might have bought it.

Boobook Owl by Joseph Austin.
I bought this little cutie in the form of a greeting card at Paddington Markets. Austin does some stunning Botanical Etchings as well, mostly of native Australian plants too.

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