Monday, July 11, 2011

Sea and Ocean Deities

The reason I'm focusing on water gods today is because a sea god plays a prominent if largely unseen role in the short story I'm working on and so I wanted to get a feel for how many were out their, how they differed, etc. I submitted the first draft (or fourth depending on how your counting) not so long ago for critique at the short story clinic I'm apart of this year. It went really well, I got lots of really useful feedback and am super keen to get cracking on the next draft (although I'm a tad distrated at the moment due to the whole markets thing). I put my name down for a second critique in September so I've got time, no need to panic even if there are quite a few fundamental things that need attention such as world building. And that's why I choose todays topic, lets get cracking.

Llyr: Celtic (Welsh) god of the sea.

The Castle of Llyr by Yaniv Shimony. Cover illustration for a book by Lloyd Alexander.

Mazu: Chinese goddess of water and protector of sailors.
Mazu with a lantern.

Iku Turso: malevolent Finnish sea monster.

Poseidon: Ancient Greek god of the sea / Neptune: Ancient Roman god of the sea.
Neptune and his Chariot of Horses by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro.

Agwe: Spirit of the Voodoo religion with control over the sea.

Varuna: Hindu god of the oceans.
Unknown artist.

Ryūjin: Japanese dragon and god of the sea.
Princess Tamatori steals Ryūjin's jewel, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

Tangaroa: Maori god of the sea.
Tangaroa, Tangaroa, Tangaroa, Siva by Michael Tuffery

Ægir: Norse god of the sea, Rán: Norse Sea goddess.
Ægir, Rán and their nine daughters prepare a huge vat of ale, 19th Century.

Davy Jones: The devil of the seas in Pirate Lore.
Davy Jones by George Cruikshank, 1832.

Yemaja: Goddess of the ocean in Yoruba religion and many Afro-American religions.
 Unknown Artist.

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