Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vasilisa the Beautiful

Do you like my new mug? I got it from Typo.
Anyway, Babushka dolls got me thinking Russian, and Russian got me thinking of this awesome fairy tale called Vasilisa the Beautiful (aren't they all).

Vasilisa the Beautiful shares narrative tropes with some of the more widely known fairy tales. Like Cinderella, Vasilisa has a dead mum and a totally bitchy stepmother. but their aren't any fairy godmothers, pumpkin carriages or handsome princes for Vasilisa, oh no, instead she has a little wooden doll that helps her with her chores, the witch Baba Yaga and a skull lantern with glowing eyes.

The story's a good one, as usual sweet innocent girl triumphs but Vasilisa really has to work for it, nothings given to her for free and there's certainly no prince to whisk her of to happily ever after at the end.

 Vasilisa by Ivan Bilibin, 1899.

 The Red Horseman aka the Sun by Ivan Bilibin, 1899.

 The Black Horseman aka Night by Ivan Bilibin.

 Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful.

 Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful by Forest Rogers.

 Vasilisa goes into the woods by Forest Rogers.

 Vassilissa 1 by Adrienne Segur.

 Vassilissa 2 by Adrienne Segur.

Vasilisa the Beautiful by Palekh Bazhenoz.

Vasilisa with her doll and the White Horseman aka Day.

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