Saturday, April 9, 2011

Out on a Limb

So I've decided to add an irregular Saturday post to my blogging schedule.
As the title suggest I'm really going out on a limb with this one because (drum roll please) it's going to feature my own art, or works in progress.

 Lately I've been playing around with watercolour and inks, this is my work station. In truth it's the coffee table in front of the TV, my study (artfully appropriated from my brothers old room after he moved out) is carpeted and watercolour, any paint, is a bad idea unless I want my father in hysterics (hhmmm).

Last night I painted these little peacocks. It was really quite fun, It's make a big blob (by big I mean 5mm diameter)  and then blow it up, making the head and neck, the bottom of the streak, where the blob originated was the body and from there I'd alter it's shape and paint out the tail, adding green so that it bled through. I really like them and might add them to greeting cards for my etsy shop.

The other thing I'm working on at the moment is what I hope will be a fabulous fanciful portrait of one of my brothers many dogs, Suga.

These pics are a bit blurry so please forgive. Isn't she just the cutest thing. She's vicious too and precious so in this portrait she is royalty, draped in a lush cloak and sitting upon a throne (throne to be added later).

I hope you enjoyed my plunge, and we'll see if I keep this up.

To keep up to date with the words and pictures I'm sharing now head on over to my new website,  I'm talking readingwriting and all kinds of daydreamy things.

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