Monday, April 11, 2011

Check Mate

So chess right… yeah? Chess?
No, I can’t play it either, but when you start thinking Alice in Wonderland or more accurately Through the Looking Glass it’s starts getting a heck of a lot more interesting… and bizarre.

Yesterday I decided to do some whacky little chess piece drawings for my greeting cards ( and part way through drawing a foppish face for my king I realised how much this was like the white and red king and queen, and all the rest, from Through The Looking Glass. Although, in actuality, I was probably inspired from the get go by this story from my childhood (and rereading it a few years ago), but it was more subconscious.

After I had the ‘oh hey’ moment I finished that foppish face and dashed to my computer and, as is only natural, googled illustrations from Through the Looking Glass. The results were thus;

Sir John Tenniel Illustrated Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There in 1871. He was the first person after Lewis Carol himself to illustrate the Alice Books.

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