Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jesters Jokers Clowns and Fools

Need I say more...

Victoria Frances from her 2011 Calendar (

Harlequin 1 (number 2 is just as good) by Emma Leonard aka belafontebunsa from Melbourne (

Harlequin and Pierrot by Andre Derain (1924).
There’s something surreal about this painting, and those faces are so eerie.

Joker from Playing Card Series by Connie Lim (
Love this; she also has illustrations of the various queens, aces and some other cards which are all just as stunning.

Members of the House of Mirth by Paul Kidby. This picture is from The Art of Discworld and is based on/inspired by stories by Terry Pratchett.
There’s something inherently odd about clowns, if you disagree look up.

Tears of a Clown by the talented Brisbane (yes Brisbane, not Melbourne, Brisbane) artist/illustrator Courtney Brims.

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  1. Cool Pics.

    You might also want to check out The Red Harlequin...



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