Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Brave New World: Apps and the Creation Thereof

I have always enjoyed being able to pass off my pleasures as work. One of the best parts about studying film and TV was how much of it I got to watch, and let me tell you I put in plenty of over time. I remember the frequent exchanges with my mother,

                Mum: Stop watching so much TV.
                Me: I’m studying.
                Mum: You’re writing an essay on Kill Bill not Xena.
                Me: Background research.

It was quite the surprise when it was mother who offered up this new form of fun masked as work. Last week when I was visiting my parents in Brisbane my mother said to me, “Where thinking of writing a game app, and was wondering if you’d like to help?”
I practically jumped up and down and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Naturally a huge part of my research has involved downloading and playing more games in the last week than I have the entire time I’ve owned a phone. My poor (not so) little HTC is exhausted.

I’ve taken on the job of managing my family unit of developers (my mother, father, and brother are all programmers, while I still think Java is a type of coffee bean) and the design side of things. So far we’re all contributing rather nicely to the ideas and I’m hoping within a year we’ll have a sweet little app to share with the world.

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