Saturday, February 2, 2013

Costume Design Guild Awards Part 1

The Nominees for this years Costume Design Guild Awards have been announced, they were announced last month but I was never known for my punctuality.

And the nominees are...

For Excellence in Contemporary Film

Beasts of the Southern Wild -Stephani Lewis

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Louise Stjernsward

Silver Linings Playbook - Mark Bridges

Skyfall - Jany Temime

Zero Dark Thirty – George L. Little
 I have only seen Silver Linings Playbook and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel out of these five and I desperately want to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. So based on my limited knowledge I'd back Silver Linings. I think it's harder for costume design to get recognised when it doesn't have some kind of hook (E.g. Bond glamour, or an exotic location) but Mark Bridges did an amazing job, so much so that my friend and I left the film talking about the costumes.

For Excellence in Period Film

Lincoln - Joanna Johnston

Les Mis̩rables РPaco Delgado
Anothe Les Mis 'cause why not

Anna Karenina – Jacqueline Durran

Argo – Jacqueline West

Moonrise Kingdom – Kasia Walicka-Maimone
This one's tough. I haven't seen Argo and this picture is making me wonder why not. I also haven't seen Anna Karenina yet but to be fair it's not out in Australia for a few more weeks. I haven't seen Lincoln either so it seems once again I've only done two out of five. Even though Les Mis may be my favourite film of 2012 costume wise I find myself coming down on the side of Moonrise Kingdom, the detail, the quirkiness... it's won me.

For Excellence in Fantasy Film

Cloud Atlas – Kym Barrett, Pierre-Yves Gayraud

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Ann Maskrey, Richard Taylor, Bob Buck

The Hunger Games – Judianna Makovsky

Mirror Mirror – Eiko Ishioka

Snow White and the Huntsman – Colleen Atwood

Can you believe it, four out of five, I think we've found my genre. Cloud Atlas is the only film on this list I haven't seen and I don't think it's out in Australia yet. In this category I've found it hard to separate my feelings for the film from my feelings for the costumes. I love Hunger Games, love it to pieces. When I couldn't find a photo for it that captured why I love it so much I had to compensate with two photos. On the other end of the scale I have such aversion to Snow White and the Huntsmen I find it hard to admit how bad-ass Charlise Theron looks in those evil queen outfits. And sitting somewhere in the middle (Middle Earth that is, tee hee hee) is the Hobbit. While I believe it to be an over long, self indulgent enterprise, I'll confess, the costumes, in particular the dwarf design, is remarkable. So, taking it from left field, my vote goes to Mirror Mirror. One of the first things I said when I saw this films was , "Man I love those costumes."

I will post the nominees for the Television awards (Contemporary, Period/Fantasy, Made for TV Movie or Miniseries, and Commercial Costume Design) in my next post.

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