Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wreath a Day: 1

Despite the gloomy weather here in/around Brisbane I've been infected with holiday spirit and took it upon myself to make the family a wreath for this years Christmas. After getting started I decided why not make a wreath every day until Christmas. Now those of you who have read my blog for a while may be aware how bad I am at sticking to one a day sort of goals but this time I'm adamant and almost completely sure I'll do it.

The rules are as follows: I must make (construct, draw, create, represent) a wreath for every day from and including today to and including Christmas. I do not have to make each wreath on it's respective day I just have to make enough to fill every day, and I must post a wreath here on this blog every single day.

So now that's all clear let me present wreath number 1:

For this wreath I used a bamboo hoop I got at Lincraft and wrapped it with wool ribbon, and micro suede. As I made it I loved it, hated it, and ended with satisfaction.

Check out all the other wreaths so far.

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