Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kay Nielsen

What better way to brighten an afternoon than looking at Kay Nielson illustrations. That's what I've been doing and already I want to give up National Novel Writing Month and try my hand at drawing again.
Maybe a bit of both would be alright, and I mustn't neglect Hearsay.

Here are my favourites for the moment, enjoy.

A snowdrift carried the three princesses away, from The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountains

For the life of him he couldn't choose between them

Princess Minon-Minette

What a terrible dream, from The Inconstant Prince

The lovely gardner boy, from The Widow's Son

The ship headed about and sped over the depth of the sea

The unicorn

Pop, out flew the moon.

The horse begged him to look behind him, from East of the Sun West of the Moon

You will see three princesses

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