Monday, May 9, 2011

Tom Bagshaw vs. John William Waterhouse

I'm sorry to say I've had great difficulty thinking up a topic for today's post. Nothing felt right, so I'm focusing on artist again rather than subject matter but to make up for my faulty brain functioning I'm bringing you two artists, an oldy and a newy, I give you John William Waterhouse and Tom Bagshaw!!! (and the crowd goes wild).

Mans Ruin by Tom Bagshaw and Circe Offering a Cup to Odysseus by John William Waterhouse.

Pandora by Tom Bagshaw and Pandora by John William Waterhouse.

Hito Dama by Tom Bagshaw and Windflowers by John William Waterhouse.

Great art on both accounts wouldn't you say. I find it amazing what artists can create today digitally and I find it equally amazing what artists used to (and still do) do with paint.
Well I'm off to practise my own art now, I'm feeling all inspired.

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