Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing with Colour Pens

Yesterday I decided to play around with some colour pens, do some doodling.
I realised I hadn't doodled in a while, probably not since uni. I think I've been taking my art way to seriously lately, stressing out about it and not just enjoying it. Anyway yesterday was a lot of fun, I might try it again today.

 This one is actually an older sketch that I went over in pen (my attempt on a monster).

 Alice of Alice in Wonderland. This is when I really just let go and had fun. I started with a circle and nothing really specific in mind and ended up with a quirky dress and a girl.
 I used to do this sort of thing a lot in the margins of my exercise books in high school, not the girls, but the shapes fitting into each other. I didn't try to be too neat, which normally I do, and I hope that's part of it's charm.

Who else but the Queen of Hearts. I think with a bigger dress things got a bit convoluted, I still like it though. After this it all got a bit too contrived I started picking the shapes more deliberately and that ruined the freshness, I'd even draw the head in before finishing the dress.

Now I just have to decide what to do about the bodies, do I do them in dark pencil or go over in black pen??


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