Saturday, May 14, 2011

Picture of the Week

Blogspot was down yesterday and so for the first time I broke my strict Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging routine.
I had actually picked my Picture of the Week by searching my archives for Fri which returned a bunch of pictures from my Friendship post, a Casper David Friedrich folder and a gorgeous picture by Claude Verlinde. It feels a bit weird to use it now but I suppose it's still Friday a few places in the world.

La Fee Frileuse by Claude Verlinde.

And For those of us now living in Saturday here are the only two results for when I searched my archives for Sat.
 Nymph and Satyr by Alexandre Cabanel. 1860.

Two Satyrs by Peter Paul Rubens, 1618-19.
I love the comedy and malevolence in this image.

To keep up to date with the words and pictures I'm sharing now head on over to my new website,  I'm talking readingwriting and all kinds of daydreamy things.

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