Saturday, April 16, 2011

Isn't It Annoying

It seems inevitable that after I post a themed post I find a myriad of other awesome images that fit the theme but I failed to find prior to posting that dang post.

Like this little ditty by Claude Verlinde that would have set of my Jesters Jokers Clowns and Fools post perfectly.
As for Claude Verlinde, there are a few good sites featuring his work if you just type his name in to google, but nothing official as far as I can tell. He also did this amazing Birth of Aphrodite pic which would have been great for my now ancient Birth of Love post.

I could say something... but I won't.

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  1. I want that girl's stripper boot. The second boot would also be good :P

  2. lol who can say no to a good stripper boot.



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