Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I’ve finally watched the two premiere episodes of Camelot.
I’m not really sure what I thought of it. I found Morgan’s voice annoying, and she’s always been my favourite character, so I was trying so hard to like her. The second episode did more for me than the first in terms of her character and I liked the reinvention of the sword in the stone and Merlin’s little quip to the sceptic, ‘Piss off’.  But unfortunately it also introduced Guinevere. Now I know it had to, it’s Guinevere after all but as much as I’ve always loved Morgan, I’ve always hated Guinevere. She’s a troublemaker and not in the good way like Morgan, but in the annoying, selfish, petulant, wilfully naïve way that I find infuriating.
But enough about the show, which regardless of my doubts I will return to next week, let’s move on to the pictures.

For this post I decided to take inspiration from the title of Starz new show and look for pictures of the famous castle that is Camelot. How clever I thought I was, little did I know…
I managed to find very few pictures  of the castle at large, and god it was difficult. If anyone knows of any awesome Camelot pics I beg you, where, where did you find them?

Anyway here's what I managed to scrape together.

The First Knight (Jerry Zucker, 1995).

Illustration of Camelot by Gustave Doré from Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of a King (1868).

BBC Merlin (Julian Jones, Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, Jake Michie, 2008-?)

Arthur and Lancelot by Howard David Johnson (

So that's that, and that is Camelot.

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