Monday, March 14, 2011

Nymphs Part 2: New

And here's something a little different; none of these pictures were necessarily intended to be depictions of nymphs but I chose because imho they possess a nymph like quality; beauty, allure and a connection to nature.

Paolo Roversi. I really like the energy in this one, she could be Daphne fleeing Apollo and at any second now will sprout leaves and turn into a tree. I also like how nothing that you would expect to be the most important part – the girl – is in focus.

By Melbourne artist Eveline Taruadjaja, her work can be found here;
I love that her hair is a mushroom, I wish I was this imaginative and talented, but what’s even more amazing about this image is the dress is almost exactly the one my friends was wearing the other day and I attempted to describe in the previous post… weird.

Letting Go by Audrey Kawasaki. Kawasaki’s surreal, dreamlike girls are, to me, the quintessential nymphs. (

These two are by another Melbourne artist Melissa Haslam ( 

Innocence Prevails by Bec Winnel yet another Melbourne artist, Melbourne is totally the place to be, I need to move. (

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