Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It’s raining today which always makes me less productive, luckily I’d prepared most of this blog in advance, otherwise, at my rainy day pace it probably would have taken me all day.
I have lots of lovely landscapes for you today, you should def check out Jose Manuel Gomez’s site for more surreal pictures, some even have giant eggs, and you can’t go wrong with giant eggs.

By Jose Manual Gomez at (2004).

By Caspar David Friedrich (1818).
I love the awesomnosity.

Aquamarine by Maxfield Parrish (1917).

The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba by Claude Lorrain (1648).
The Queen of Sheba was said to have visited King Solomon, praised his rule and given him many wonderful gifts.

The Golconda Tombs at Sunset, from The Far Pavilions Picture Book (1979).
The Far Pavilions is a bestselling novel written by M. M. Kaye based on British-Indian history and romantic epics.
Please excuse the blurry corner I was trying to avoid bending the spine.

Landscape with the Ruins of Mount Palatine in Rome by Peter Paul Rubens (c. 1608).
A temple to the god Pan was built at Mount Palatine.
Ah Pan, the god of drunk and disorderly behaviour, well not exactly, but you definitely want this dude at a party.

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