Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce: Bottles and Jars

Some of my favourite repurposed bottle pics: Life is a Luxury, A Pair and a SpareJenna's Beach Retreat
Recycle, reuse, reduce! It's the mantra of our age and nothing seems to be more popular than repurposed bottles and jars. They've been trending for quite a while now with no sign of going away.
I love it, ever since moving interstate without a job, affordable decor ideas have been my new passion.

My cousin/roommate and I used a left over sparkling bottle as a vase on our new Op Shop dining table.

But sometimes a plain ol' bottle simply won't do, sometimes you want a little spice in your life, sometimes you want colour. It's times like these you need minties you decorate.

I needed another pen holder for my desk and thought that old pesto jar sitting in the pantry would do nicely. I promptly removed the label but wanted it to look a little more fun so away I went. Below are step-by-step instructions for you own bunting/circus inspired jar art.


What would be ideal for this project is a stain glassing craft kit, or Pebeo glass paint. In the absence of these do as I did and use whatever you have handy, I used Posca paint pens, acrylic paint and, luckily, I had some Pebeo porcelain outliner paint for the edging. There is one thing you can't do without however and that's a jar/bottle. So to sum up...
  • Jar/bottle
  • Some sort of paint
  • Paintbrush

1.  Remove any labels and sticky parts from you jar.

2. Start painting on your design. I went for a sort of bunting idea, you can do anything you want.

3. Once the paints are dry outline it with the outliner paint. If you don't have outliner paint a sharpie will do in a pinch (with slightly different result).

4. You're finished! Wasn't that easy and cost effective. Now stick some pens in it, use it as a vase or paint the lid as well and store loose seasonings in it. The possibilities are endless

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinterest Picks

My picks from Pinterest; the boards I found them on, and the sites they came from.

1. Wilting Flowers

  • This evocative photograph comes from Pumpkin Eye, a Tumblr account gathering together a myriad of quirky and just plain pretty images.
  • I found it on Roachel Follett's comprehensive 'Flowers' board.

2. Fashion photograph by John Rawlings, 1941

  • I traced the pin back to Le blog de SoVeNa. The images found there are fascinating, unfortunately the articles are not written in English so I can't make heads or tails of them, but the images are more than enough to get me through. Knowing the image is by John Rawlings, however, you can find out more about him and his work at Voguepedia.
  • The board on which I saw it: Adelaide McKenzie's 'Past'.

3. Paper Flowers

  • A tutorial from the design and DIY blog known as The Elli Blog. Beautifully laid out and with an added interest in weddings this is a lovely blog to take a wander through. A clearly laid out and well styled tutorial for the pin is also available.
  • The pin came from Cici Absolutely White’s ‘Do It Yourself’board full of amazing DIY I’m dying to try.

4. Paper Houses

  • The paper houses come from the blog Designand Form. For those feeling crafty there’s a tutorial complete with templates on the site. Design and Form is run by Emma Sweden and home to many other stunningly minimalist paper craft tutorials.


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