Monday, March 11, 2013


So here's the news my lovelies.
I'm in Melbourne, have been (on and off) for three weeks. That's not so very exciting. What is exciting is this Friday I (and my cousin) actually move in to our own apartement! YAY! Of course my possesions won't arrive until Tuesday so I'll be sleeping on an inflatible mattress, but who cares, that inflatable mattress will be in my room (a room not shared with anyone else in the world)!

So that's the big news... In other news...

- I had my first hat making class last Wednesday, look forward to more on that and photos!
- I'm going to be volunteering at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival next week, thank goodness my clothes will be here by then or I might have spiralled into depression.
- I got into Melbourne Finders Keepers Market!! That's pretty big news too, come visit me at the Royal Exhibition Building on the 5th or 6th of April.
- And last but certainly not least I'm doing NanoWrimo early this year, in April with Camp NanoWrimo!

Now I've used up all my enthusiasm and exclamation marks so I best off.
Have a great day! (I had one more in me)

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