Sunday, February 10, 2013

Restoration: Dollhouse Part 2

Part 1
Things aren't looking good.

I thought I'd rip up the carpets to' get rid of 'dust catchers' but really I thought I was taking the easy way out. Rip them up paint over the top easy as pie, right? Wrong.

It left a huge mess behind that I can really get rid of and tore up patched of the woods surface as well. As it turns out the doll house is made out of chipboard which puckers and roughs up if you excessively wet it like I did trying to get the remnants off. I think I've found a solution though. I'm going to scrap it down to as smooth as possible, seal the exposed wood and then cover the lot in coloured contact like the original 'bathroom' and 'kitchen' were. I'm hoping to find some wood grain contact, I think they sell it at Ikea but I really only have time to go to Big W so fingers crossed.

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