Friday, December 2, 2011

Music + Animation = Awesome

So I was reading a recap of an episode of Merlin the other day (yes I watch Merlin) and the writer included a music video of the song Bronte by Gotye and it was the most beautiful and moving thing I've watched in ages it was lovely. I'm sad to say until that time I hadn't heard of Gotye so naturally I hit youtube and watched all the music videos I could find. I love his music, it varies a lot which keeps it interesting and the videos are really different and engaging.

Here are my two favourites,

Bronte: Directed and animated by Ari Gibson, Background art by Jason Pamment.

State of the Art: Directed and animated by Greg Sharp & Ivan Dixon.
This one I intended to listen to while doing something else but from the moment the video started I was hooked and had to watch the whole thing, and I've had the song stuck in my head for days.

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