Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picture of the Week - I changed my mind

I made a diorama yesterday, which is why yesterday's post is today. A sudden whim took hold of me while in the shower, which is when I get most of my whims, especially my whimsical whims. (That was fun).

Anyway the diorama took a lot of time and I decided to use it to make a movie launching my new blog It's Just Hearsay. That's right I changed my mind, I am going to have two blogs, instead of messing with this one. It may mean more irregular posts but I will try my darndest to post at least once a week. It's Just Hearsay will probably be more irregular but it will feature all the happenings of my label Hearsay; sales, market days, new products, old products all with a touch of that kooky crazy mind of mine.

Here is a photo of the diorama. The full video can be viewed at my new blog or on Youtube.

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