Monday, September 12, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

I'm going to make some changes to Visions of Whimsy for the foreseeable future. While I love my little blog exactly as it is, the idea of running two blogs at the moment makes me want to lie down wherever I am and go to sleep.
Why am I even having ideas about two blogs you ask, well  because of the recent launch of my brand Hearsay and my desire to really make a go of it, I felt I should have a blog for it. Rather than making an entirely new blog however I thought I'd just tweak this one.

What you'll get more of
  • Me! That's right me, maybe a couple extra posts but mostly more about my life, my likes, my dislikes, what I'm reading, what I'm watching, that sort of thing.
  • Hearsay: you'll get updates on how the brands doing, markets I'm working, new designs, potential sales, sneak peeks. Whatever it is, you'll read it first here.
What you'll get less of :(
  • less posts solely dedicated to imagery. I know, I know, that is the blog. Well to be blunt, not anymore. There will still be posts focus on the beautiful and whimsical art around us. Hopefully this means, when I do do an art based post I can put more effort into it, Like the Eros and Psyche post, or the bird post.
What will stay the same
  • At the moment a planning to still do a picture of the week every week.

Ok So now that the house keeping is out of the way, let's see what pictures I can russle up for you.

Cherubs by James Jean, 2010.
While I find this image incredibly disturbing, I like it as a representation of Cherubs. Cherubs are so often considered cute little winged babies, clearly a conflation of Christian ideology with the Roman god Cupid who was depicted this way. However in early Judaic belief Cherubim (as they were called) were described as having four faces, four wings and being somewhat dragon like in appearance.
Funny how things evolve. People mix things up and mess with them creating something new just as James Jean has done here.

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