Sunday, August 28, 2011

I really need to clean my work room

 As you can see I desperately need to clean my work area. I tend to do it once a month and within a week or two it looks like this, I put up with it for two or three weeks then have to clean it again or my brains might dribble out my ears. Now let me walk you through the mess.

 In this corner we have:
  • Barrel of Monkeys which also happens to be full of plastic farm animals. I like to think of it as a barrel full of necklace ideas I'm yet to pull off
  • Sheets of packaging tags waiting to be cut up (when I find the space to do it in).
  • An attempt at embroidery for cute embroidered earrings (if I kick my ass into gear they might be ready for the next markets; 2nd Sept).
  • A wooden doorknob, perhaps the head of a giant chess pawn once I have a whack at wood carving. I'm already sensing failure with that endeavour though.
  • And finally a little orange purse made by mwah two days ago, it's my first ever and I'm very proud.
 Centre stage we have:
  • A clipboard covered in buttons ready to become some more studs.
  • A bag of scrap fabric which I'm sure I'll find a use for one day.
  • Some more farm animals and a couple of knitting nancys.
  • And mostly just mess, this section of the table is very disappointing.
And in this corner:
  • A couple of postage boxes for when somebody buys something (please, please, please).
  • A bag full of beads (not sure what I'm doing with them yet).
  • And oil burner, peppermint oil (one of two essential oils that doesn't make me sneeze) and a lighter (for candle use only).
  • a Gloria Jeans takeaway box (original contents: citrus tart) now containing: two stanley knives, a craft knife, a nail file, pens, a wooden clay tool, pegs, and drumsticks to go with the drum kit I no longer play.
  • A Bag of self-cover buttons
  • two bottles of different types of sealant.
And so that is my mess.
P.S. Does anyone think I should make a separate blog for Hearsay and my own creative endeavours, leaving Visions of Whimsy in its original form?

To keep up to date with the words and pictures I'm sharing now head on over to my new website,  I'm talking readingwriting and all kinds of daydreamy things.


    1. Never worry! You can spruce your work area in no time! Start by getting those shelves or storage cubbies! Or maybe you can rent a bigger office space instead? Good luck! Hope these tips help!

    2. Thanks for the tips, I think I've improved a little lately, bought some divider boxes. But I'm still pretty messy :)



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