Friday, July 1, 2011

Picture of the Week or maybe not

Hey folks. Tonight my arms are tired and my legs are sore. I spent the day plodding around Brisbane city. The main reason for this was to check out Bleeding Heart Gallerie's monthly markets, which were awesome. I bought a pair of fingerless gloves and saw plenty of beautiful jewellery and art. Today was the first day of three in which I plan to attend three different markets. Tomorrow it will be the Finders Keepers market and Sunday I'll pay a little visit to the Young Designers market, at the end of this, not doubt exhausting, weekend I hope to write a review of all three over at Blogcritics and hit up the highlights over here.

Some business cards I picked up, I feel a little guilty because I know I didn't grab everyone's.
There were also some lovely hand made bags with $10 on each bag going to cancer research.

Some of the highlights for me were ruby & lo's cute sweet designs and Kitty Hugo's gorgeous knit jewellery, which is a bit of a thing with me at the moment, almost enough to make me take up knitting.

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