Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Down, Down, Down

Drowning by Bernadette Carstensen, 2011.

Ophelia Drowning by Paul Steck, 1895.

The swishyness (that's the technical term) of the dresses as well as everything around them and the angles of the bodies is what connects these two pictures for me, also the fact that they're both drowning.

I also like the contrast between the bodies however. Bernadette's figure is facing down, her face partially obscured as she descends whereas Steck's figure is facing upwards, her face illuminated by the light that pierces the water's surface. Eyes shut, hands on her chest she is caught in a moment of serenity, Bernadette's, on the other hand is caught in a moment of terror (as would I if staring down a skeleton).

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