Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In honour of Disney’s latest fairytale based, animated film, Tangled, I would like to focus the opening entry of this blog on the story Rapunzel.
The well loved tale has been told again and again by such legends of fairytale as the brothers Grimm, Giambattista Basile and Andrew Lang (these versions and others can be found here;
Still from Tangled – I think you can imagine how extensive the art department not mention the CGI and visual effects studios were on this film so I won’t list them here, but you can check all that out at
Cover art by Katalin Szegedi for a copy of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s Rapunzel.
By Frank Cadogan Cowper (1900).
By Emma Florence Henderson.
From a fashion editorial photographed by Fiona Quinn.
Rapunzel’s Tower from Tangled.
“Let Down Your Hair” by Anne Anderson.
Illustration by Gordon Laite from the Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang published in 1889 (If you’ve seen Tangled you’ll know that Disney’s Rapunzel also uses a hook to offset the scalp ripping pain of having someone climb up your hair, it doesn’t seem to be working though.)

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