Friday, February 25, 2011

Picture of the Week and Other Goodies

I’ve been catching up on my America’s Next Top Model (one of many guilty pleasures) and collecting names of brilliant fashion photographers. As such today’s Picture of the Week is an invocative shot (imho) by photographer Deborah Anderson.

Gorgeous right.

I wanted to try something else today as well. In my study at home I have various corkboards covered in pictures and notes and what have you which I call inspiration boards (I think I stole that from somewhere). Anyway, I was originally going to take a photo of one of these boards and post it, but with my limited photographic skills the board always warps in a fishbowl sort of way. So rather than show you a bulbous cork board with unrecognisable images I thought I’d build a digital inspiration board using Photoshop and featuring our very own PICTURE OF THE WEEK!

Hmmm… It’s ok but I think I rushed it and the ones on my wall are better, no strike that it’s growing on me, I’m quite fond of it.

So as best I can I’ll tell you who the images are by or where I got them in order from left to right moving down the image:
1.       Fashion photograph by Eugenio Recuenco
2.       Ophelia by John Everett Millais
4.       Fashion photograph by Paolo Roversi
5.       PICTURE OF THE WEEK Mwahahahahahahaa
6. (This website has absolutely nothing to do with anything on this blog I just thought the pic fitted on the board.)
7. (This is the same as number 5)
8.       Fashion photograph by Paolo Roversi
9.       Pia de Tolomei by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
10.   Curtis Botanical Magazine Vol. 1-2


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